A Natural Application to the Body’s Minor Ailments

Detoxification, rapid healing, and natural pain relief can be yours with the BioMat. Experience natural healing through professional grade far infrared rays that are safe for your body. The mat itself is made of 17 different layers of healing, calming, and comforting materials. The BioMat is different from a standard heating pad and does not contain heating coils, or any point sources of heat. However, the BioMat can transfer more heat into the body, compared to a heating pad. This is because the heat transfer is radiant, rather than conductive. Since the heat is distributed evenly throughout the body, rather than just on the skin, there is great therapeutic value.

The health benefits of the BioMat lie in the combination of far infrared rays, negative ions, and the conductive properties of amethyst channels. Each of these elements have their own benefits on the human body.

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Far Infrared Rays

Far infrared has been known to improve blood circulation in the skin and internal organs, and supports cardiovascular health. These benefits can help lead to relief from minor muscle pain, muscle spasms, minor muscular back pain, and more. Additional mental benefits of infrared rays include the support of deep sleep and the immune system, lowering the effects of stress, and improving your temperature when you're fully at rest, known as your basal body temperature.

Negative Ions

Negative ions are all around us in natural environments. These ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in environments like mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Negative ions that reach our bloodstream are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of serotonin, helping to relieve stress and boost our energy.

Amethyst Crystals

Among many natural crystals, the purple amethyst crystal receives much praise. Amethysts promote a variety of healing properties including immune system enhancement, headache reduction, and promoting a feeling of calm. While amethyst’s properties vary from person to person, the amethyst crystals in the BioMat also help to convert conductive heat into far infrared light.

Find the BioMat That’s Just Your Size

BioMat products come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. BioMat products include the BioMat Professional, Mini BioMat, and the BioMat Pillow. The BioMat Professional’s dimensions are 27.5 in. x 73 in. x 1 in. with a weight of 24 lbs. If your goal in using a BioMat product is for whole-body treatment, then the size of the BioMat Professional will work best.

If you’re looking to focus on a specific part of the body, the Mini BioMat will offer the focused healing you need. The Mini BioMat is a smaller version of the BioMat Professional with dimensions of 33.5 in. x19.5 in. x1 in. and only weighing 8 lbs.

The BioMat Pillow pairs well with both BioMat products due to its versatility. However, the BioMat Pillow does not produce infrared therapy or negative ion therapy, meaning it is not a stand-alone device.

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